Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Color Wonder markers and paper

Color Wonder 

Color Wonder is a series of products made by Crayola. The Color Wonder series is popular because they are easy to clean and mess free. The special markers are designed only to work on the Color Wonder paper. They have been different products to choose from; Explosion, 3-D Art, and coloring books. 
I bought my children the Color Wonder coloring book with markers include. It took a little bit of time for the color to show through onto the paper. However, when my four year old daughter tried to draw herself-which she does often- there were no visible traces of ink on her skin. This was very impressive. I found it an even better idea then the so-called washable markers. With the variety in the series there really is something for everyone. Their books tend to lean toward popular fads. My children received the Tinker-Bell book. There were also books for Cars, Toy Story 3, and other popular children's movies. 


This would be the problem. The books and pads to not come with very much paper so in order for the markers to be useful you must buy replacement paper. This can get a bit costly. I found 50 pages at Wal-Mart for $4. This can really add up if you have to buy a bunch at one time just to keep your children entertained. When speaking to other parents this was the most common problem. 
This product overall is a wonderful idea. I just wish it was a bit more cost effective. It is because of the cost that I give the Crayola Color Wonder series receives a score of a Quarter. (For an explanation of the scoring check out the page about consumer product rating)

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Incredible Pizza Company

Incredible Pizza Company
2130 East Kimberly Rd.
Davenport, IA 52803

There is only one word to describe the Incredible Pizza Company; Incredible! I know that sounds a bit unoriginal but it is true. This great restaurant has something for everyone and prices that make sense. It is really a place you could spend all day at.

Inside the buliding you will find four 'themed' dining spots. The Diner is themed to look like a 50's dinner. It has the red stools and booths. It is complete with a red Cadillac for you to look at. The Cafeteria is decorated to look like a high school gym/cafeteria. It has two basketball hoops at either side with ad for the Sock Hop. This dining area is also complete with three big screen TV. At the time of my visit the middle screen was playing Blue's Clues and The Wiggles. This made it great for my kids because they could watch TV if they got bored or it made for a much better distraction then the typical trying to run off or flicking ketchup packets at each other. The Drive-in has dim lighting and dark sights. It is meant to resemble a drive-in theatre complete with a black-and-white big screen playing old movies. At the time of my visit they were playing The Absent Minded Professor (the original) and next week was an Elivis flick. Since I was there with the kids I did not get to enjoy it, but my husband and I will be going by ourselves. Can you imagine an all you can eat buffet at a drive-in theatre? The idea is great. I could definitly sit there for two hours and eat and have a good time with another adult. The Dining Room is the typical restaurant setting with nothing fancy inside. There is just plain tables in what is suppose to look like a family dining room. This is not bad if you want to sit around the table like you would at home, but for the price you will pay I would rather have all of the 'extras'.

Playing Room

Another incredible thing about the Incredible Pizza Company is the playing room. Divided into the back of the buliding there is a room full of arcade games. These games are operated by an electronic card that you swipe into a slot (like a credit card). These cards are purchased at front of the store when you pay for your meal. It is a great idea to keep it electronic so that you don't run the risk of losing coins. The tickets are also electronic and go automatically on your card after you finish a game. It took us a bit to understand that when we were waiting for our tickets to come out of the slot. Many of the games still have the 'old fashion' ticket slots, and we just stood there wondering where our tickets were. The fact that they go on the card is great because there you don't lose them or have to run around with a big handful of tickets in your hand. It seems as if the Incredible Pizza Company took all of the annoying and dangerous elements of the classica aracade and made them better.

The Food

The only compliant I have about the Incredible Pizza Company is the food. It really was nothing special. It tasted like every other food at every other restaurant. They do have a all you can eat buffet and have a lot of selections but the taste of the food is not the impressive. I was happy that that had more then pizza including a salad bar, potato bar, and hot dogs. This gave something for everyone to enjoy.

All in all the Incredible pizza company is a place you should check out. It may seem a bit pricy but after you add in the TV shows, movies, and games it is well worth the money.  That is why I am giving the Incredible Pizza Company a Gold Fork. (for an explanation on the rating systems check out the other pages)

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