Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She's Out Of My League

She's Out of My League

She's out of my League stars Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve. Kirk (Baruchel) is an ordinary guy working for airport security and still pining for his ex-girlfriend when a series of events lands him face-to-face with a good looking girl. Molly (Eve) is a busy entrepreneur business woman who is tired of getting hurt by the 'same' type of guys. As Kirk and Molly develop a romantic relationship, it is plagued by funny situations, lack of self esteem, and interfering friends. It is a romantic comedy based on the back story of a beautiful woman falling in love with the 'average joe'. 

However, League is in it's own league of romantic comedies. It is very funny with many one liner jokes. This story takes a seemingly overdone genre and creates something new with it. She's out of my League puts a very good twist on romance and self esteem issues. This movie is brilliantly written with a great cast. The actor's play their roles really well, and there is a mixture of different personalities to make the story complete. This movie is on my top pick list, and my only regret is that I need not know what kind of gem it was when it was originally released. While most romantic comedies are great for a rainy day, League has something for everyone. Even macho action type of male audience will  appreciate the facts in this story. It teaches a great lesson in love, self-worth, and when your friends may not know what is best for you. I am giving She's out of my League a gold ticket. (see movie scale)      

Letters to Juliet

 Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet stars Amanda Seyfiend as a wanna-be writer named Sophie.  Gael Garcia Bernal stars as the grandson of an elderly woman that begins an adventure to find a long lost love. Sophie answers a letter the Claire wrote to Juliet fifty years prior. Thanks to Sophie's response a journey throughout Italy. Sophie tags along to find her 'story' in the journey. 

This movie is very much a romantic movie, and not just for personal relationship, but also for passions. Seyfiend's character has a passion or 'love' for writing but has yet to get her stories in print. Many people in this story find loves of different types. I think this is the point of the movie that really stood out. The love story was nice to see, but was a bit predictable. However, it did have elements in the movie that were 'off the path' of the tradition lost love story. In the movie Amanda Seyfiend's character is the one that learns the most about passions and loves. The story bought me to tears not only for the love stories (there are several), but also for the desire to do better for yourself and live each day to the fullest. I am giving Letters to Juliet a rating of a Silver Ticket (see movie rating scale).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Switch

The Switch

The Switch stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. Aniston plays a single woman that feels her biological clock ticking as she gets older. Being single and aging she decides to have a baby by artificial means. She asks her best friend to help her find a suitable donor. As the story progresses, Aniston's character finds a young man to donate his 'seed'. In a drunken act of stupidity somehow her best friend ends up switching his own 'seed' for the donor's. About seven years go by before the two met back up again, and then very sweet and comedic moments occur as Bateman's character realizes the child is his. 

The story line is a bit predictable- think "The Back Up Plan"-but there are a few turns that will make you smile. The kid that plays in the movie is very touching and his eyes can just captivate you. I think he has a bright future. I think the 'funny' parts were missing something. However, the sweet moments really had me smiling. There are a few scenes that just make you smile. As you see the relationship develop between the little boy and his 'uncle wally', you see more of the father and son relationship develop. Aniston seems to have a lot of fun in this role. She is very spunky and can switch from fun-loving best friend to single mom very well. This is more the type of movie to watch on a rainy day, or maybe when you just like watching a movie. It is because of this that I give The Switch a bronze ticket rating. (see movie rating scale)

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