Movie Rating Scale

Movies give us an escape from reality. They can invite laughs, tears, and thrills. Here is the movie raking scale.

Diamond Ticket- A diamond ticket movie is one that you will want to camp out for days in front of the movie theater waiting for the exact second it is released.

Gold Ticket- These movies you can still see in the theaters but it is OK to wait for the crowds to die down. You won't be missing out on too much by waiting a few days.

Silver Ticket- Movies that you wait by a redbox, seen in advance via netflix, or show up at your local video store the day the movie comes out on DVD. The movie was good but not worth the extra money to go to an expensive theater.

Bronze Ticket- Bronze movies are the type that you will watch 'someday'. These movies do not stand out of the crowd but they may make your lazy day at home a bit better.

Paper Ticket- Don't waste any time even thinking about seeing these movies. They are a waste of perfectly good room on a video reel.